Pest control is our specialty.  Our job is to eliminate any existing pest problems and to continually protect your home or business from further invasion.  Our Prescription Treatment System of service makes your home or business a desirable environment for people and an undesirable environment for pests.

Today’s advanced technology requires that we eliminate the cause as well as the problem.  This is called Pest Management.  We manage the pest out of your environment by preventing its entry, eliminating or toxifying its hiding places and removing sources of food and moisture.

Our technicians have been specially trained – Inspect, Advise, and Treat. This “Inspect, Advise, Treat” routine is continuous for as long as you have our service.  You’ll like the care we take to protect your home or business.



Pests are a reality of life here in North Alabama.  There are over 94,000 species in the U.S. alone.  No matter how clean your home is, pests will find a way in.  Pests not only cause damage to your home – they spread germs, irritate allergies and make the living environment very uncomfortable.

Pests systematically seek out entry points and invade your home to obtain food and water.  That’s why Prestige Pest Management’s pest control treatments are focused on the following;


  • Improperly sealed doors, windows, weather stripping
  • Under Sinks/Plumbing penetrations
  • Sanitation

Exterior / Perimeter:

  • Foundation
  • Weep Holes
  • Eaves
  • Thresholds/Doors
  • Soffit and Eave areas
  • Plumbing areas
  • Heavy Foliaged areas
  • Firewood stacked next to home
  • Mulch beds

Prestige Pest Management offers the following residential pest programs:

  • One-Time Service: For a targeted pest on a general pest prevention treatment
  • Quarterly Service: Most commonly used service program; Includes coverage for the following pests: Ants, Roaches (all species), Spiders, Scorpions, Silver Fish, Earwigs, and most crawling insects

We also offer service for Fleas & Ticks, Honey Bees, and most common pests in the North Alabama area.


Prestige Pest Management uses environment-friendly techniques to help you effectively eliminate and prevent pest problems in your facility.  Our programs are designed in collaboration with you and are customized to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Industries We Serve:

  • Offices & Office Complexes
  • Warehouses & Storage Facilities
  • Bio-Tech
  • Government Facilities
  • Property Management


Prestige Pest Management is well experienced with the needs and requirements of our Industrial clientele, from manufacturers, to distributors, and storage facilities.  Pest management is an integral part of ensuring no interruptions to normal business activities, as well as keeping inventory protected.

Protecting your inventory from pests such as rodents, roaches, and ants is crucial.  With storage and distribution facilities, we can protect incoming and outgoing inventory from these pests as well.